AidCard Systems is a business established with the aim to facilitate aid/grants administration to the vulnerable, hungry, displaced, poor and people living below a dollar per day.

At the core of our operation and service delivery is the application of appropriate technology. According to the UN, over 2.7 million people are displaced in Nigeria and 60% are living below the poverty line of US$1.90 a day. In Africa, about 18 million people are displaced and globally, 821 million people are undernourished, and depend mostly on aid/grants from government and non-governmental agencies to survive. Leveraging our growing network of vendors, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, development agencies and philanthropists are able  to administer aid/grants to their intended beneficiaries conveniently without the risks and high costs associated with typical processes of aid delivery.

AidCARD is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Nigeria.

Our unique approach ensures transparency and accountability; optimizes the last-mile distribution process while growing a rich database on transaction activities. Aid-givers can track and see how distributed aid/grant is expended by their beneficiaries in Realtime.

We pride ourselves in creating impact, rebuilding business ecosystems, and improving livelihood for the poor, persons affected by insurgency and disaster.


AidCARD facilitate aid/grant administration to the vulnerable, hungry, displaced
the impoverish people living below $2 per day.


To optimized the process of aid and grants administration.


To be the leading provider of human-centered and sustainable solutions to humanitarian
problems by leveraging innovative but simple and secured to use technology.

Our Approach

We work in partnership with organizations’ to implement programs that support and empower humanity.

Our Values

Innovation, Accountability and Impact-Driven.

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